Day 5 limmericks

Day 5 is upon us, and this afternoon we have just hit the halfway mark. We are now the farthest point from land in the world, and to celebrate we cracked open a bottle of wine. We have a peach cobbler on the stove and crew morale couldn't be higher. Last night we took a few hours off of the two boats in front of us in our division, Morpheus and Hula Girl, and we're still in the hunt. About mid-afternoon today, we were entertained by trying to "floss" a doormat off of our keel. We could feel a slight vibration in the rudder, checked the underwater scope and sure enough what we thought to be a plastic bag was a doormat. After a few failed attempts to use a line to drag the mat off of our keel, we had to briefly take down our sails and back off of it, a total of 140 seconds lost. We also had someone go up to the top of the mast to do a mid-race check on all of our halyards and the small tear in our main. Everything looks to be in order and the small hole shouldn't affect our boatspeed.

So one of the challenges during the race is to come up with a limmerick about your competitors, or just the race in general and here are our entries for the day. Enjoy...

So, I decided to go for a sail
didn't know the first days I'd be puking in a bail
food tastes like crap
can't find my boat on the map
thank goodness there's still e-mail

We ate a lot of corned beef hash
I'm really jealous of Paul Cayard's moustache
it looks like a broom
it could sweep a whole room
i hope this limerick wins me a wad o'cash

I haven't been able to use the bowl
since we started sailing on starboard pole
it's the gastronomic equivalent of sailing by the lee
well at least I can still pee
this situation is really starting to take its toll

Two hauoles, a pake, and da braddahs
trying to steer dis boat by da big ruddah
to Hawai'i they head
with a Hawaiian, that led
to honor his very sweet muddah

one year of preparation with my head in the fog
to do list are prepared and placed in a log
the cost is more then just money
there is the time away from my Honey
All this just to see the Bounty Hunter Dog

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Anonymous said...

Go Caaaaaaalvin. Doormat huh? You must have sailed thru the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Its a lovely story. Essentially its just a whirl pool of plastic waste swirling in the North Pacific Gyre. Albatrosses love to feed their chicks discarded plastic. Anyhoo....we are all glued to your dublot (WLOT - web log of thoughts) cheering you on. Rip off Hula Girls grass skirt for all of us......Ldo.

May said...

Nice, even one in Pidgen! ;p

Everyone's rooting for you; & wishing you all well. :)


Morpheus said...

There once was a sailor named Paul
Who said "My boat is the fastest of all...
My skills are so great,
I can sail North and wait."
Letting Morpheus kick him right in the um... roll call.

wallace said...

hah...looking forward to more pictures.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Recidivist...Go Calvin it's such a nice blog...Joanne Ikeda, Loan Pham read you blog