One Day To Go

Just one day to go and things are really coming together. Our shore group has gotten very vocal over email making preparations for our send-off and arrival parties. And Recidivist is getting some last minute love as well.

Here she is “on the hard’ two days before the start getting some Redwood city mud removed from the keel and getting a nice burnish and wax for a smooth and fast bottom.

I went by to turn on the transponder and I found Ken, Sean, and Roscoe making some last minute preparations (water tanks) and comfort additions (turning shelves into cubbies for storage).

Personal Packing is all done. Clothing weighs in at 6 lbs including the dry bag. Everything else on my list (including the camera) adds another 4 ½ lbs for a total of 10 ½. Still seems like I can shave some weight off...


Alex said...

I love it! Thank you Calvin for this excellent blog. Very informative and the photos are perfect. I will be directing my entire friends and family to this and they will love it too! We are always trying to get details out of Larry and coming up short. This is perfect! All of us 'shore group' people are excited for you too! Tomorrow morning! Yeehaa!