200 miles to go

We're on our final 200 miles to the finish and thing are starting to become bittersweet as the end is near. We've been working pretty hard to maintain a 200+ miles/day made good pace and have done well. So has everyone else. It's a fairly tight finish considering the four top boats in our division are within six hours of one another, not a very large margin considering the length of the race and size of the course.

If you're following along online, there are two different things you can track. Overall time to finish (bigger boats generally go faster so they finish earlier) and corrected time to finish (takes into account handicaps which allows different boats to compete against one another). When we talk about time to finish with regards to just Recidivist we mean the former. When we talk about time to finish with regards to the fleet, it means the latter.

Yesterday night was really dark with significant cloud cover along the horizons and a late rising moon. Although winds were good, surf angles were not making it difficult to stay on course and sail safely while surfing for speed. But it was an enjoyable night as we sailed through plankton fields leaving glowing 'stars' in our wake. Accompanied by the genius of Freddy Mercury it evoked the imagery of old hand-drawn movie posters of spaceship sailboats riding a wake of stars.

Today was an improvement with generally good winds and decent surf angles as compared to yesterday night. We kept a strong pace throughout the day and remained on port pole from dawn to dusk. The evening was gorgeous and the ocean kept us going strong with very ideal conditions.

All of us hope the trend will continue to carry us to a strong finish and some well deserved mai tais.

Recidivist Out.

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Go RECIDIVIST goooo!!!!

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