Final Days

Somewhere between San Francisco and the 1500+ miles we've already sailed this race became less about a race than about being out here. But now, as we are in the final days to the finish we are making every effort to finish strong. The crew is tired but we have a good groove going and will continue to focus on the race.

Winds are generally good and will hopefully continue right up to our finish.

A few things of note from the last few days:
1) We came within 100 ft of a single-handed Transpac racer smack in the middle of the night. It is extremely rare to come this close to another boat and we even had to harden up to clear his transom. A few words of VHF were exchanged and on we were, wishing each other a speedy race to the finish.

2) Night sailing has been highlighted by a bright moon glowing yellowish white from the sunlight with a visible milky way in clear patches.

3) We've spotted Japanese finishing buoys on the horizon in the last two nights.

4) Larry fell ill for a day and the remaining crew members went to a "two-on-two-off" watch schedule for a day. But he's all better now so fret not.

5) A todo list written on a transparency taped to the doghouse included:
+ fix larry (he was sick for a day)
+ negotiate purchase of alien weather generator
+ grow fantastic moustaches
+ drink mai tai's
+ buy more corn

6) We've gybed... alot.

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