Day 3

Its day 3 and the worst of the weather and sea sickness is behind us. We have laid down some good miles on the track in the 25 knots that we had for the first 2 days, however its is not enough to keep the other boats in our division behind us. We set the spinnaker yesterday morning The wind has lightened up to about 10-15 knots, and the weather phenomenon known as the Pacific High has moved south on the fleet. Our division is skimming by the light air that is plaguing the rest of the boats and hopefully we will move to a better position overall. Our position in our division is expected as most of the other boats in front of us are larger and could take advantage of better hull speeds in the first days of the race.

Fresh food is pretty much gone, we've switched to freeze-dried, which is actually pretty tasty. Skipper Ken drowns whatever's in the bowl with Sriracha sauce.

Here is a list of items consumed in the first three days:
Oranges, frozen pizza, spam misubi, hard-boiled eggs, clif bars, odwalla bars, nectar bars (really good), chicken and rice (freeze dried), pad thai (freeze dried), Jamaican jerk chicken and rice (freeze dried), beef jerky, oatmeal

Some of the crew spotted flying fish yesterday, it's pretty unusual to see them this early in the race.

More good news is that the crew is now fully rested. The warmer and drier conditions have allowed everyone to get good sleep.

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Distance as of 07/20/08 20:00 PM
total length:2000 miles

Hula Girl: 788
XL: 729
Recidivist: 655
Sabrina: 610
Low Speed: 609
Morpheus: 421
Rozane: 78

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