Dinner Recap

We just finished our dinner after a day of re-organizing the boat. Come to think of it. It was the first meal we had all together since the first day. Today's menu included 'Backpackers Pantry' du Jour with your choice of Pad Thai and Cajun Chicken and rice. All selections were accompanied by Sriracha with a hard boiled egg starter and optional orange for desert. A fresh pot of coffee will keep us through the night.

Tomorrow's menu is a surprise for everyone except Ken who will be preparing the meal in celebration of Larry's birthday. As a gift from the boat he receives a 1AM watch shift ;). If you're reading this blog, please feel free to leave a birthday wish for Larry in the comment section.

We turned our ship clock back an hour to adjust for our westward progress and the ever later setting sun. Larry will have to get up earlier and earlier for check-in, since the race will stay on PDT.

This evening continues to be overcast with zero percent chance of showers and winds between 10-15 knots continuing today's rather mundane weather pattern into tomorrow.

Recidivist out.

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Derrick said...


Throw some nuoc mam in with that Sriracha!

James & Kim said...

Hi Larry,
The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the navigator.
Happy Birthday to you !
James & Kim

Mike said...

Larry, make sure someone bakes you a cake. Don't forget to open the port.

Happy Birthday!

I do and don't wish I was there ;)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

I wish you all the very best of sailing and lots and lots of wind.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Larry!

Calvin... you better come back in one piece!

Anonymous said...

Happy day to you all from Brussels !
Hello to Bi "heureux qui, comme Ulysse, fait un beau voyage " in the immensity of the ocean

May said...

Happy Birthday Larry! :)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARRY!!!! At least you're not sea sick anymore :)

Kris said...

Happy Birthday Larry! We miss you at the office. I LOVE this blog, it is really fun hearing about all of the details of the trip.

Corned Beef Hash? Wow, that's right up there with SPAM, both are good with fried eggs :0)