A New Horizon

Day 4. The crew awoke with thoughts of mutiny.

Our vessel was boarded by two squid overnight. We deterred one with a paper towel and left the other lying on our transom as an example to all would-be conquerors.

Light winds through the night had left us exposed and no one was particularly happy about the prospect of another day wallowing lifelessly in the sea under an overcast sky.

Skipper Ken, sensing trouble, decided to break out a secret weapon to raise the spirits of the crew. Corned Beef Hash. Like dogs to chow we munched and the rebellion was temporarily repressed. Navigator Larry opened the first jar of mandarin oranges. These prized morsels we plundered from the food storage barge before the crossing are reserved for special occasions. Since today is his birthday, it was fitting for him to do so.

Everyone knew the calm would be short-lived as the crew sat around hoping for something to do. So we decided to play liar's dice in order to elect a new captain. The logic being that the best liar amongst us would be best-fit to lead our motley crew. Ken won. Twice.

The organizational fate of the crew determined we labored on, one mile at a time. Until, at last, a break in the grey sky exposed a radiant bulb that bathed us in glorious sunlight. For four days we had not seen her... and there she was, as glorious as ever.

The entire crew assembled on deck as winds picked up and we sailed (and on occasion surfed) our way into a golden sunset drenched with wine and Sriracha colored hues.

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Anonymous said...

Great post. I can only image the types of games sailors come up with.

May said...

Haha, very nice post! ;)

Anonymous said...

lieber Calvin,
it's so interressting what you are doing with your friend, es ist so abendteuerlich, wish you all have a wonderfully trip, enjoy it, I never could dream from a trip like this, so marverlouv, so great...
viele liebe gruesse from German, kiss you, co Nga.

Anonymous said...

So nice writing ......I'd like to have that squid for tonight canh chua